American Studies Program | Understanding The United States Government And Politics


Duración: 4 months
Modalidad: Online
Sede: Vía Streaming


Dr. Alfonso Santiago

Director of the School of Government




Juan de Dios Cincunegui

Deputy Director of CIDEIPP




Brian Baird

Program Director












Brian Baird

Served for twelve years in the United States House of Representatives (WA-3, 1999-2011). He holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wyoming, practiced clinically for twenty years, has written three books, served as a university president, and was an advisor to the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. During his time in office Congressman Baird frequently visited with members of the armed forces and with organizations and individuals doing other forms of service work in his district and overseas. He has witnessed first hand the commitment, generosity and sacrifices of countless Americans who put service over self to better their communities, the nation and the world

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